Nikhil is a fourth-year Economics student at the University of Waterloo with a great passion for the insurance industry and an actuarial career path. He has held an actuarial co-op role at Canada Life and is currently a co-op at RBC Insurance. After handling the positions of President-Elect, Convention Chair, Director of Logistics and Finance, and Director of Sales, he looks forward to leading a team of students from all around Canada to grow ANÉA-ASNA and to serve the Actuarial Student Community. He has attended 5 ASNA conventions, from 2017 to 2021. This year, he strives to bring all the enthusiasm he has for the actuarial community in working with a talented team to grow ASNA. As this year’s President, his goal is to help make the annual convention another great success and to expand the outreach of ANÉA-ASNA so that as many students as possible get to experience the fantastic benefits that the organization has to offer.