Volunteers are integral to ANÉA-ASNA’s success. As a volunteer, you are dedicating your valuable time and energy to assist with the conference:

  • Assist sponsors during the career fair (organizing resumes, entering student data, etc)
  • Help with crowd control and ensure COVID protocols are followed
  • Organizing and dealing with event logistics for seminars like setting up microphones, speakers, tables, chairs, etc and interacting with the guest speakers.

As a volunteer you will receive the same ANÉA-ASNA experience as a registered student. Your volunteering responsibilities will not hinder any activities you participate in such as the career fair, seminars, presentations, etc. There are added benefits when you decide to volunteer with ANÉA-ASNA. You will be given a unique wristband that will indicate to sponsors that you are a volunteer. This will allow for additional networking and interaction opportunities with sponsors at the convention.

Further information regarding volunteering will be provided soon!