Future Webinars

Our monthly webinar series aims to provide year-round educational opportunities to our students through key topics such as strategies for reaching success as an actuarial student, passing actuarial exams, acing your interview, maximizing your experience at our annual convention, improving your technical skills and learning about hot topics in the actuarial industry.

All our topics are moderated by senior ASNA leadership who will be consolidating strategies, techniques, and information from the entire Canadian actuarial community into convenient webinars for your personal learning. Our insights provided by senior student leaders from all our 19 member universities, as well as strong relations with the CIA, SOA, and CAS, allows us to transform quality content into unique learning opportunities for our students.

All our webinars will require free registration through our webinar link, to be posted here two weeks before the scheduled webinar.

Our current webinar schedule can be found below. Please note all webinar dates and times are tentative and will be finalized once their registration link is published​

If you have any questions, please feel free contact us.

Upcoming Webinars





November 1st at 6 PM EST
"Tips and Tricks on Tackling P&C Actuarial Exams"
December 4th at 6 PM EST
"Inside Scoop from HR"
January 8th at 6 PM EST
"Preparing For ASNA"
ASNA's 2024 President and Convention Chair