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Annual Convention

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Learning & Development

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  • Mentorship
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Our Vision

Since its inception in 1989, the Actuarial Students’ National Association (ASNA) has been a pillar of support for students across over a dozen universities. Throughout the years, ASNA has tirelessly provided countless professional development opportunities to the Canadian actuarial community, nurturing a reputation for excellence within our field. Guided by a strategic vision, we have worked diligently to establish ourselves as a trusted resource for aspiring actuaries, striving to make a meaningful impact on their educational and professional journeys. Our core mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of actuarial leaders, offering a wide range of unique opportunities at the national level to foster growth and success for all.

Discover Some Of Our Services

Mentorship Program

The ASNA Peer Mentorship program is an excellent way for students to connect with other actuarial science students studying at universities in Canada.


Our monthly webinar series aims to provide year-round educational opportunities to our students.


Our newsletter publications provide valuable insights from accomplished actuaries into various topics such as the actuarial exam process, different career paths in actuarial science and navigating the exam process.

Actuarial Jobs

The CIA's Actuarial Jobs Portal has a designated student jobs section which makes it a great way to find an exciting actuarial internship.

Letter From The President

Hello, and welcome to the website of the Actuarial Student’s National Association (ASNA)!

Our association was established in 1989 as a student-run organization with the primary purpose of providing professional and peer support to all students in the Canadian actuarial community. Since then, we’ve experienced tremendous growth year after year, primarily through the annual convention. This convention brings together actuarial students and corporate sponsors from across the country for three days of networking and opportunities to learn and grow.

While having achieved great successes with the amazing support and aid from the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and all of our sponsors, we recognize that there is a need for services to be offered outside of the convention. As such, we organize programs such as the nationwide Peer Mentorship network and monthly webinars, newsletters, and podcasts. A job portal, Actuarial Jobs, is also available, provided by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Our primary objective is to provide better and broader support for the students of our Member Universities from across Canada, as well as expand beyond our traditional convention through our initiatives.

I hope you are able to participate in our next annual convention in January 2025, and I wish you all the best on your actuarial journey!

Athanasios Lavazos
Actuarial Students’ National Association, 2024-2025

ASNA thanks the Canadian Institute of Actuaries(CIA) for the great support they have provided our association with throughout the years and the remarkable contribution they have made to our annuals Conventions!