Meet The 2020-2021 Head Delegates


East Canada



Brenda Le, Dalhousie University Co-Head Delegate

Brenda Le is a third-year student majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Computer Science at Dalhousie University. She is currently completing a double certificate in Applied & Computational Mathematics and Actuary & Financial Mathematics at school. Brenda enjoys trying new things; whether that be with physical activities, foods, building relationships, or travelling.  She can be reached through LinkedIn.





Jacob Miller, Dalhousie University Co-Head Delegate

Jacob is currently a third-year Actuarial Science major at Dalhousie University. After attending ASNA for the first time in 2020, Jacob
immediately knew he wanted to take a position where he could help ASNA and his university. He is currently working towards restoring Dalhousie’s Actuarial Science Society, hopefully to be President by the time ASNA rolls around. He strives to promote Actuarial
Science at Dalhousie and continues to push for a greater Dalhousie attendance at ASNA. Jacob previously worked for a Macroecology lab where he analyzed data and models relating to various kinds of phytoplankton. He can be contacted via LinkedIn.


7_ Madison_Burke.jpg

Madison Burke, St. Francis Xavier University Head Delegate

Madison is a fifth-year student pursuing a B.Sc in Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Science. In 2020, she graduated with a BBA in Management and Leadership. She has been St.FX’s head delegate for two years and is working on implementing a certificate to make the program more accessible for students. She is also a Co-VP Regional on ASNA’s Executive Committee for the Atlantic provinces for the 2020-2021 academic year. Madison enjoys travelling, having completed two exchanges throughout her undergrad, and plays sports including ringette and lacrosse. She can be reached through LinkedIn.


Tayler Read, University of Prince Edward Island Head Delegate

Tayler is a fourth-year student at the University of Prince Edward Island currently majoring in Actuarial Science while also pursuing a minor
in Business. The 2020 ASNA conference was his first time attending the event and he has since obtained a growing interest in the actuarial community and hopes to continue to expand this community at UPEI. Other interests include sports, outdoors and building
friendships. Tayler is very excited about representing his university as head delegate and can be contacted via LinkedIn.





Stephanie Siu, Carleton University Head Delegate

Stephanie Siu is a fourth-year student at Carleton University in Honours Statistics with a concentration in Actuarial Science. Attending her first ANÉA-ASNA Convention in 2018, she was motivated to be more active in the actuary community. After a rewarding year of serving as Head Delegate and President of Carleton University’s Actuarial Science Club, she decided to continue her role for a second year; promoting awareness of the actuarial science program at Carleton University and connecting her university to other aspiring actuaries. Obtaining her first internship at CIBC as an Analyst for Treasury Data Management for Summer 2019, she hopes that this would encourage others to seek out non-traditional roles in the field. She can be contacted via LinkedIn.



Leah Klompmaker, McMaster University Head Delegate

Leah is a fourth-year student at McMaster University taking her degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics Co-op. Since attending ASNA for the first time in 2019 and learning more about the industry, she has been highly motivated to become an actuary and has so far completed the three introductory exams. She is currently working her first co-op term at Manulife on the Reinsurance team and will be working with the Commercial Insurance team at Aviva for the Summer of 2020. She is heavily involved in school activities including the McMaster Actuarial Society, working in the Financial Aid office while she is in a study term, as well as the goaltender for the Women’s Hockey team. She is very excited to be representing her university as Head Delegate and is looking forward to supporting an amazing ASNA convention in 2021. She can be contacted via LinkedIn.



Pritam Sinha, University of Toronto Head Delegate 

Pritam Sinha is a second-year student at the University of Toronto, pursuing a double major in Actuarial Science & Statistics and a minor in Mathematics. Currently, he is preparing for Exam P/1. He has attended and volunteered at both ASNA 2019 and ASNA 2020. He holds an executive position on Toronto’s Actuarial Science Club and enjoys giving back to the community. He is excited to be serving as a Head Delegate and looks forward to ASNA 2021!





Muhammad Raza Nasser, University of Waterloo Head Delegate

Muhammad Raza Nasser is a third-year student at the University of Waterloo, currently completing a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science. His journey with ASNA started in 2018-2019 and in his first conference – in Montreal – he volunteered as the Registrations Administrator. He returned to the ANEA- ASNA conference in 2019-2020 and he participated in the capacity of a delegate. His experiences with ANEA-ASNA have taught him the importance of mentoring and he wants to continue working in the same vein as the Head Delegate of University of Waterloo. He can be contacted through LinkedIn.




Abdullah Aziz, Western University Head Delegate

Abdullah is a second year student at Western university pursuing double majors in Actuarial Science and Economics. He has worked in the past as a marketing consultant for Knewsales Group and will be pursuing another internship this summer. As an international student, Abdullah’s very first ASNA convention was in his first year in Canada as well as a volunteer. He was Western’s delegate in ASNA 2020 where he continued to showcase his passion for the actuarial department by representing the student voice.

Abdullah is a huge sports fanatic, both as a player and watcher of many games. He loves board games and simply likes to converse for anything at anytime, so be sure to connect with him anyhow you like!


Taylor McQueen, University of Windsor Head Delegate

Taylor McQueen is currently a third year student at the University of Windsor. She is studying Mathematics and Statistics, with a minor in Computer Science. Her first internship was at Canada Life in the summer of 2020. She has passed SOA Exams P and FM and will be writing IFM in July. When not studying, she enjoys spending time with friends, travelling, and playing music. She became interested in joining the ASNA community after visiting ASNA 2020, and she is looking forward to representing the University of Windsor this year. Feel free to contact her on LinkedIn.




Sarah Maznorzuhairi, York University Head Delegate

Sarah is in her fourth year at York University pursuing an Honours Degree in Actuarial Science. She completed her first two SOA/CAS exam and are currently preparing for her third one. This summer, she will undergo her internship as a Pricing Intern at Manulife in Malaysia.

She began as a volunteer for her first-ever ASNA convention in February 2020 and is now a Head Delegate representing York University. She hopes that her experience from the convention could be shared with others and wishes to encourage more attendance. Aside from that, she enjoys singing, traveling, and trying new things.




Christina Fulginiti, Concordia University Head Delegate

Christina is a second year undergraduate student at Concordia University. She attended her first ASNA event in January 2019 as a volunteer and loved it so much she decided to run for head delegate. She has a keen interest in pursuing an actuarial career and will be taking FM in August 2019 and plans to write Exam P later in the year. Aside from numbers, Christina also enjoys reading and boxing! As head delegate of Concordia University, she will help students with any questions and concerns they have with ASNA and get students excited for the event ! She can be reached via LinkedIn.




Isabela Dragomir, McGill University Head Delegate

Isabela is a third-year student pursuing a Joint Major in Statistics and Computer Science (Minor in Economics) at McGill University. She is currently the Vice President of Information Technology at McGill Students’ Actuarial Association (MSAA) and the McGill University Head Delegate for ASNA. She also works as an insurance claims agent in the heart of downtown Montreal during the weekend.

Isabela was introduced to the profession of actuary while attending ASNA 2018 in Ottawa, where she got the chance to meet amazing people and learn more about the actuarial field. As a head delegate, she hopes to promote ASNA within the McGill community and to make as many students as possible fall in love with this blooming career path and its many opportunities. Please feel free to contact her via LinkedIn.


Nicolas Leboeuf, Université de Montréal Head Delegate

Nicolas LeBoeuf Is a second-year student at University of Montreal. He is currently studying to write exam FM. After attending his first convention last year at Niagara, he was immediatly captivated by the event which made him determined to pursue this as his career . Other than his studies, Nicolas spends most of his time doing martial arts and practicing guitar. He is always willing to learn and meet new people, so if you have any questions, you can reach him on LinkedIn.





Elsa Catellier, Université Laval Head Delegate

Elsa Catellier is a second-year student at Laval University in Québec city. She is pursuing a major in actuarial science and is currently VP to external affairs for the actuarial student association. She is planning to write exams P this summer, and FM later this year. She attended her first ASNA event in January 2020 and would recommend the experience to any student with an interest in actuarial science. As a head delegate, she will promote ASNA within the Laval community and she will gladly help students with their questions and concerns. Elsa is also a very welcoming person and she would be glad to talk to you if you see her around. She can be reached via LinkedIn.



Tesnime Ben Ghorbal, Université de Québec à Montréal Head Delegate

Tesnime is a second year student in Actuarial science and she loves to watch movies and play chess. She studied a year in Medecine but didn’t find her vocation there.She is also Vice President of her university s Mathematics and Actuarial science association.
Last summer, she got her exam FM and now she is preparing to write exam P in July.
After attending 2020s convention in Niagara Falls and seeing the incredible effort everyone put in organizing and managing the event, she is eager to contribute to ASNA in the next convention. Please feel free to reach her via Linked-In.


West Canada


Joshua Rainbow, University of Calgary Head Delegate

Joshua Rainbow is a fourth-year student majoring in Actuarial Science at the University of Calgary (UC). Having attended his first ASNA conference in 2019, he was eager to become more active in the actuarial community. Joshua completed his first internship with Morneau Shepell, working in DB Pension Consulting. With his second moving to the field of Life Reinsurance with PartnerRe. In his free time Joshua is a volunteer math tutor; also enjoying traveling, cooking and various sports. Joshua is honored to be representing his school at this years conference! He can be reached via LinkedIn.




Brixton Reid, University of Manitoba Head Delegate

Brixton Reid is a fourth-year actuarial student at the University of Manitoba. He has completed Exam FM and plans to write Exam IFM this July. Brixton attended his very first ASNA convention in 2020 and is thrilled to be apart of this year’s conference. He had success at this year’s conference and hopes to help others achieve such success. will be beginning an internship at Canada Life over the summer, Brixton is very excited to be apart of the actuarial community and he can be reached via LinkedIn.



15_ Geoffrey_Zaparaniuk.jpg

Geoffrey Zaparaniuk, University of Regina Head Delegate

Geoffrey is a fourth-year student studying the Actuarial Science program at the University of Regina. He is currently at the end of a 16 month internship with Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) as a Actuarial Research Officer. Previous to going on this internship he was the president of the University of Regina’s Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics society (MASS) and continues to participate as a volunteer within the group. He passed Exam FM in August of 2019, received credit for Exam IFM in July of 2019 and is writing Exam P in May of this year.

Geoffrey volunteered with ANÉA-ASNA at the 2019 convention in Montréal and plans to be of service once again at the 2021 convention. You can find him on LinkedIn.


Gurmehak Kaur Sandhu, Simon Fraser University Head Delegate

I am a 3rd year Actuarial Science student at Simon Fraser University. I will be completing my first Actuarial internship at Economical Insurance in the summer of 2020. I have passed Exam FM and I am preparing to sit for Exam P in the coming months. I am very excited to represent SFU as Head Delegate and looking forward to ASNA 2021. I hope to increase awareness of ASNA programs at SFU and better connect the Actuarial students with ASNA resources.